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Target Audience:
The target audience for this website is 18 years and older.  To access and view this site you must be (and you represent that you are) at least 18 years old.  If you permit minors (under 18 years old) to access this site, you are responsible for supervising that access and determining which content is suitable for viewing and which is not.

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teqbrief assumes no liability for your use of this website.  While care is taken to provide data that is factual and correct, we cannot gaurantee that all information is correct or factual.  Information on our web pages is not gauranteed to be current.  Manufacturers can and do change specifications and prices of items.  We offer information in good faith, however if there is any doubt you agree to check with manufacturers or suppliers directly to receive current and
correct specifications, pricing and availability.  No information, comments, suggestions or opinions on this site should be regarded as professional advice.  You agree that any and all decisions you make regarding any item reported on, or advertised in this website is your sole responsibility, and teqbrief make no assurances, warranties or gaurantees of any kind either implied or explicit.

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We take care to keep a safe and secure site and attempt to link only with reputable companies.  However, we do not have control over third-party websites.  When you click on a third-party advert or link on our website, you will be taken away from our site to a third-party site.  You accept that we cannot assure the content or safety of any third-party website and you accept any and all risks in doing so.  teqbrief accepts no liability whatsoever for third-party sites.

Some products, techniques or equipment that are reported on in this website may require certain levels of ability, knowledge or competence for safe handling.  You are responsible for ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge for any product or technique you decide to buy, or try after viewing this website.

Computer Security:
We take care to provide a safe and secure website, however you agree that under no circumstances will we be held responsible if your computer gains a virus, trojan etc. or is targeted by hackers or fraudsters following visiting our site.

Legal Compliance:
teqbrief believes in a fair and just society and may report any illegal behaviour we identify.  Likewise, if compelled by Irish or EU law, we will share information with law enforcement agengies and co-operate fully.

teqbrief earns revenue from advertising within our site.  In some cases we also earn affiliate sales commission if a website user clicks on a third party link from our site.

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We make no assurances that you can safely download any content from our website.

In some cases we use Creative Commons Licensed images.  In these cases we show the license type in the image credit (for example: CC3.0).  Creative Commons License terms can be found hereNOTE: This only applies to some of the content on our site!


These terms have been simplified to allow for easy reading and understanding.  If any of the terms of this page are held to be invalid in law, all other terms will remain in effect and you agree that the intended spirit of any invalid term will still prevail.