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.com still going strong after 30 years


Mar 20 2015

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.com still going strong after 30 years

Thirty years ago this month, the first .com domain was registered.  How things have changed since then! 

Thirty years ago the internet, as we know it today, did not exist.  Dot-com was one of just a few top level domains that existed.  The “com” stood for commercial, as it was intended that it would be reserved for use by commercial enterprises.


Initially, the internet was a means of communication and data sharing for the scientific and military sectors, and the domains were administered by the U.S. Department of Defence.  Today, Verisign operates the .com domain under U.S. legal jurisdiction.  The .com domain was opened up for general use in the 1990’s and the requirement of being a commercial organization was dropped.


Despite there being many other domains available, .com remains a strong favourite globally.  There is still a perception that .com signifies quality websites.  This perception seems to be self-fulfilling, for according to Verisign, “100% of the world’s fastest growing companies have a .com”, and “100% of fortune 500 companies have a .com”.


Verisign reports that a .com domain is registered, on average, every second!  And that the total number of .com registrations is now in excess of 100 million.