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Bang & Olufsen design style


Apr 04 2015

Girl in blue wearing Bang & Olufsen headphones

Photography by Jeppe Soerensen, Courtesy of Bang & Olufsen a/s ©

Bang & Olufsen design style

Scandinavian companies often place style as an important design element.

Bang & Olufsen are no exception.  Despite the company starting as an audio engineering company in 1925, design aesthetics have played an important part of their branding image throughout the company’s 90 years.

A look through their product range gives an impression of style and high quality.  Today their range includes televisions, music systems and high performance audio products, and are sold in over 100 countries.

Beoplay A9 Black speaker set up in elegant room

Photography by Jeppe Soerensen, Courtesy Bang & Olufsen, copright.



For a technology based company to be going strong after 90 years is no mean feat.  They continue to excite with new products and by forging partnerships with other leading brands.  

They work with auto manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes and Audi to provide top-end car audio systems.

The company’s Ideal is:  "Bang & Olufsen exists to move you with enduring magical experiences".

It is nice to see a company committed to quality do well, let’s hope they are still producing stylish products in another 90 years.


Girl in orange with Bang & Olufsen headphones around her neck

Photography by Jeppe Soerensen, Courtesy Bang & Olufsen, copyright.


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