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Can’t wait for an apple watch? Build your own!


Apr 13 2015

Parody apple II watch available on Instructables

Image Courtesy of DJ Harrigan ©

Can’t wait for an apple watch? Build your own!

DJ Harrigan from California, has created a retro-style watch, and provided the details for you to copy on Instructables.

With a healthy dose of humour and a whole lot of talent, Mr Harrigan, or user name Aleator777 on Instructables, has designed and built a smart watch inspired by the apple II computer from the 1970’s.

Using a multitude of skills ranging from 3D design through to electronics and software design, the 24 year old Californian has created a nifty little watch that genuinely tells the time while capturing the essence of bygone computing.  And it only took him about one month!

Aleator777 has even gone to the effort of simulating the look of early computer plastic by spray painting the plastic a sun-faded yellow colour and using a modern digital screen to emulate an old CRT screen.

The electronics include a Teensy 3.1 microcontroller development card with a 75MHz Arm processor.  The original 1977 Apple II computer ran at just 1.023MHz.

Steve Wozniak (Woz), who designed the original apple I and  II computers, and was co-founder of Apple computers with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, has given the apple II watch his vote.  

On the Instructables website, “Stevewoz” has commented “This is incredible and has great significance to the maker community. I would buy this over the Apple watch and would wear it too! It would go well with my nixie watch.”


This is a great piece of design by Aleator777, which combines skills in both engineering and art.


Disclosure:  This watch is NOT a genuine apple product nor is it pretending to be;  It is just a bit of fun by the creator.


Check out the full details on Instructables.