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Dublin leading the way with AR Marketing show


May 01 2015

ar marketing, conference, 2015, dublin, augmented reality

Image David Barrett ©

Dublin leading the way with AR Marketing show

The second annual European AR Marketing Conference in Dublin this week was a great success.

With the conference receiving a good attendance of exhibitors and visitors, the mainly business-to-business event showcased companies at the cutting edge of Augmented Reality from across europe and overseas.

The conference showcased how AR can be used in digital marketing and a range of businesses provided good examples of previous promotional campaigns using Augmented Reality.  The conference is the brainchild of Mr. Alex Gibson who is also the ‘Assistant Head of School’ to the  Dublin Institute of Technology.

VStream, who have offices in Dublin, London and New York, showed a host of innovative marketing ideas. One example was an interactive screen showing information on BMW cars which  provided users with a surprise reveal.  When a particular button was pressed, the interactive screen went totally transparent, revealing real models of the BMW cars behind the glass.

Engine Creative showed some good examples of past AR campaigns; Tesco, the UK supermarket giant, has bought into AR in a big way and their retail magazine ‘Home’ is rich in augmented content.  See the video below. 

View full screen on Vimeo 

Happy Finish, with a worldwide presence, showcased some of their campaigns.  In February they took over the big screen at Waterloo Station in London to provide an AR experience that people weren’t expecting.  In a campaign for Skoda, station users were invited to select their options of a Skoda Fabia then take a seat to watch the big screen.  The person then appeared on the big screen with the car of their choice built live around them.  The video is worth watching.



Just some of the other firms showcasing their AR credentials included Amplified Robot from London, Ediamsistemas from Spain, Dustcloud from Germany, EventFX from California, Twnkls from the Netherlands, and multinationals Daqri and Itagged.

The buzz around AR was infectious, and the general feeling was that Augmented Reality will continue to prove itself as a solid marketing tool.

The conference was hosted at Croke Park in the centre of Dublin, which makes a great venue for such an event.  Let’s hope that it will be back for a third year in 2016, with even more great new technology to offer.