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Honda goes the extra mile for selfie lovers


Apr 03 2015

Ashley H standing beside the Honda Selfie Edition test vehicle

Images courtesy of Honda ©

Honda goes the extra mile for selfie lovers

In an official press release on March 31 Honda announced the all new 2016 HRV-SLF “Selfie Edition”.

Catering to the 18 - 24 year old age group that loves selfies, Honda announced the SLF would have 10 different selfie cameras mounted inside and outside the vehicle.

"Honda is embracing the selfie phenomenon and the creative, artistic sensibilities of millennials with this versatile, youthful trim model," said Gazō Enjinia, HR-V brand manager at Honda.

They Beta tested the model with social-media guru, Ashley H.  You can check out her review video below, it’s worth a watch..


If by now you are thinking “What the Hey?”   you may want to consider the date of the release.   The brand manager’s name is a further clue.