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Jaguar XF lightens the load with aluminium


Apr 09 2015

All-new Jaguar XF driving on mountain road

All-new Jaguar XF, image copyright Jaguar.

Jaguar XF lightens the load with aluminium

The new 2015 Jaguar XF shaves off up to 190kg by switching to an “aluminium-intensive architecture”.

Jaguar has sported an XF since the model first debut in 2007, but this year it has made some dramatic changes to the build that help make it the lightest in its class.  Jaguar claims the 163PS diesel beats its nearest rival by 80kg, and that the switch to an aluminium-intensive build increases torsional strength by 28%.

The body specs have changed considerably too; The wheelbase on the new model is 51mm longer than the last, and even though the overall length is a fraction shorter than the original XF, the designers have managed to spare up an extra 15mm leg space, 24mm more knee room and 27mm more headroom for the rear passengers.

The above improvements in interior passenger space aren’t bad considering they have also managed to drop the drag coefficient from 0.29 to 0.26.

Jaguar claim this XF has many advancements including its infotainment system which makes it the most connected Jaguar to date.  


The company states: "From an engineering perspective, our targets with the all-new XF were bound by one holistic goal - it had to do everything better, and it does.”

Previous XF models have been regaled with industry awards, so if this new XF is as good as Jaguar is touting then we should expect to see some more awards coming.