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OrcaVue camera frame allows Matrix style 360s


Apr 08 2015

The OrcaVue Life 360 degree camera system

Image courtesy of OrcaVue ©

OrcaVue camera frame allows Matrix style 360s

A new camera platform allows for some dynamic video shoots.

If you have ever marveled at the iconic scene in the Matrix where the bullet is being dodged, or how in some adverts time slows down while a 360 degree sweep around a person happens, then you may be interested in the OrcaVue.

The OrcaVue  is a camera frame which allows a person to stand stationary on a platform while the camera spins around them.  Depending on the frames per second the camera is recording, and the speed of rotation of the camera, different slow motion effects can be obtained.  This can result in footage that appears dynamic and professional.

The frame is designed to take a range of cameras, including iphone 6, Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition, Panasonic GH4, and others.



The first model offered is the OrcaVue Life, which allows 1 person to stand on the platform.  Their second planned model, the OrcaVue XL will have a bigger platform to allow up to three people to be filmed (weight limits apply on both models).

The business has plans to sell the  product outright, as well as to hire the devices out to weddings and other occasions.  The OrcaVue Life is on sale from their website, starting at US$2,499.