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Smart bicycle pedal set for Indiegogo this year


Mar 23 2015

girl wearing boots shown on bike with smart pedal

Images courtesy of Connected Cycle ©

Smart bicycle pedal set for Indiegogo this year


Connected Cycle’s smart bicycle pedal is expected to launch on Indiegogo by mid year.


The French company behind the smart pedal is now taking expressions of interest on their website.


The pedal is a great application for a connected device.  The pedal is designed to notify the owner if the bicycle is moved, giving the bike increased security.  In everyday use the pedal will be tracking statistics such as route taken, speed,  inclination grades, and calories burnt.  Al this data will be available through a mobile app, but it is not necessary to carry a smart phone with you while riding.


Connected Cycle plan for their app to track calories, route, speed, etc.


In a clever marketing move, the company is also targeting the bicycle hire market, where tracking of bicycle inventory would be useful.

Another clever move is that the pedal receives its power dynamically from the pedalling action, so no external charging is required.

There are no pricing details available yet, but Connected Cycle hope to have this addressed shortly.  Watch this space!