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Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is a work of art


Mar 05 2015

Sony Lifespace UX 4K Short Throw Projector looks great

Image courtesy of Sony


Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is a work of art


Sony’s design mojo is back!  If full high definition wasn’t enough for you big-screen fans, Sony’s new 4K projector might be just what you have been waiting for.


One problem with large screens is, well… they’re large.  They dominate a room even when they are not being used, and don’t really look great.  Sony has brought chic to the big screen with some classy looking furniture that just happens to give a whopping big 147” image displayed on your wall.


Unlike TV projectors of the past, this one uses lasers that project with an “ultra short throw”.  The result is a stunning image in 4K Ultra HD, that has four times the resolution of full HD.


Because the projector is placed close to the wall, you have several advantages over previous designs:

  • no shadows from people walking between projector and screen

  • space in centre of room is left free

  • no ceiling installation required

The image can be easily adjusted in size from 66” to 147” to suit your wall-space, or what you are watching.  And whether this unit is switched on or off, it will look great.


Now!  Are you sitting down?


Set to retail at US$50,000 this model will initially only be available to metropolitan New York, but the area serviced will gradually expand from there.

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