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Sony showcases Android TV


Mar 07 2015

Photo of a Sony Bravia TV

Image courtesy Sony - CC3.0

Sony have combined the Android TV operating system with their own technologies to give a seamless integration between a compatible Sony smartphone, tablet or laptop and a Sony Android TV.


The integration combines Sony’s One-Flick Entertainment and Photo Sharing Plus with Google Play, Chrome, and voice functionality.


Sony claim the setup between the tablet and TV to be very quick and simple, allowing for a range of control capabilities from an Xperia Z4 tablet.  And because the Z4 comes Google Cast Ready, Sony say you won’t need an external dongle.


They have integrated touch gestures as well as audio controls.  These allow such things as “flicking” content from your tablet to the TV, and voice activated browsing.


Another cool aspect of the integration is that you can pause a video on your TV and pick up where you left off on your Z4 Tablet.