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Ultra High Speed camera finding uses in research


Apr 07 2015

Vision Research's Phantom v2511 digital high-speed camera

Phantom v2511 digital high-speed camera, Image courtesy of Vision Research ©

Ultra High Speed camera finding uses in research

Released last year, the Phantom V2511 ultra high speed digital video camera helps researchers visualise extremely fast events.

While these speeds had been possible previously, where this camera breaks new ground is the quality of the image obtained while filming at that speed, and the packaging of that tech into a commercially available product.  Not only does it manage 25,000 fps, but it captures it at 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, with an ISO rating of 32,000 (in monochrome).  What this means is that images of extremely fast phenomena can be captured with enough light and clarity to make them useful for study.

To put this speed into context, the camera takes approximately 7,500 frames in the time of a blink of an eye.  Or another way, if played back at 24 frames per second, just 1 second of real time action would take

over 17 minutes to play back.

Australian researchers at Melbourne’s RMIT University recently used the Phantom V2511 to study crack propagation through glass; a phenomena that is extremely fast.



The Phantom V2511, by Vision Research Inc. is actually capable of faster speeds all the way up to a reported 1 million frames per second.  At these speeds compromises must be made, and available light and resolution decreases significantly.

Vision Research Inc. has its roots dating back to 1950, when its high speed photography was captured using film.  In 1992 the original company created a spin-off company to apply its knowledge to digital photography and ultimately, Vision Research Inc. and the brand Phantom® was born.

Today, Vision Research provide high speed digital photography for all manner of high speed events, including ballistics, explosions, rockets etc. , as well as providing professional cinematography cameras.

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